How to Rent Your House FAST !

Rent your house out fast with these 6 tips that will have a steady monthly cash-flow.

How to Rent Your House FAST !

How to Rent Your House FAST - Local Records Office







So you want to rent your house fast huh? You purchased a residential property, what now? You made a smart move and purchased a house for asset reasons and want to get extra income or maybe you want to rent it out your house to pay off the mortgage of one to alleviate the pain of two mortgages. No matter what the situation is, Local Records Office has the following tips to help the rental process run smoothly for people in various situations.


1. Make Sure Your House is Likable to People Who Would Like to Rent it Out


Many landlords forget the simplest task and that’s making your home seem more appealing to the eye. Renters want simplicity and clean. Clean out unwanted clutter, make sure the grass is freshly cut, adding a good coat of paint and having clean floors will increase your chances of families renting your home more quickly.



2. Arrange a Reasonable Monthly Rent Cost


Your house is not going to be the only one with a “For rent” sign. Before you decide the rent cost do a little research. There’s a few websites online that offer comparable information on what you should charge. Other thing you should keep in mind is what appliances are included like the dryer, washer, stove or a refrigerator. Consider all these factors and set a monthly rent that falls within a reasonable asking price for comparable homes in your area.


3. Popularize Your “For Rent” Ad The Most You Can


Studies have shown that the most common way that people search for new residents is online.  Most popular sites are community specific websites like and or Other common ways are real estate agents and Management companies just be aware that there will a service fee.



4. Screening Possible Renters Will Be a Good Idea


Familiar ways to protect your property is to screen your possible tenants. Credit history and past tenant report will be a smart way to rent to a good tenant. If you’re not interested in doing that hire a third party to do the screening, says Local Records Office.


5. Rent With Integrity

Treat all your potential renters with dignity and equality. There are laws that protect renters if they feel they’re being treated unfairly.  For example, the Federal Fair Housing Act identifies 7 protected classes; disability, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry and family status


6. Rent Your House Out FAST!

“Rent your house out fast” is something we have seen online before but they make it seem so easy, with these tips you will be renting out your property in no time. Many beginners have a hard time taking the leap. Beginners seem to focus more on these things; how about if they don’t like it?, how about if rent is too high? how about if rent isn’t high enough? how about is something tragic happens to my property? These are all questions that first-time renters ask themselves. You aren’t alone, educate yourself on current laws and get insurance in your home, prepare for the worst.